John L. Onesto, Esq.
Attorney at Law
Certified Public Accountant


Legal Advisor and Consultant
Individuals and Professionals

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Columbus, Ohio 43215-5208
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Legal and financial matters routinely intrude into every day personal lives.  All too often, the tendency is to take care of things without any advice or assistance, or to ignore such issues entirely.  Unfortunately, the results may be problems that are expensive and time consuming to fix.  Conversely, totally unforeseen circumstances and disasters require almost immediate competent legal assistance.

In both situations, having regular and ongoing legal and financial resources you can trust can make all the difference in terms of time, energy and peace of mind.

Services Offered

Advice on legal and financial issues impacting individuals and professionals.

Areas of Experience

Clients have been helped for more than three decades in the following practice areas:

            Business Planning
            Buy/Sell Agreements
            Close Corporation Agreements
            Corporate Organizations
            Covenants Not To Compete
            Limited Liability Companies
            Ohio Securities Law
            Real Estate Matters

Employment Matters
            EEOC Defense
            Employee Benefits Planning
            Federal Wage/Hour Law
            Unemployment Compensation
            VSSR Claims Defense
            Workers' Compensation Defense

            Income, Franchise, Sales, Personal Property, Use Taxes
            IRS Audits
            Ohio Tax Appeals
            Tax Planning

Probate and Estates
            Estate Administration
            Estate Planning
            Retirement Planning
            Wills and Trusts

            Commercial, Tax, Estate, Trust and other Litigation

Real Estate
            Loan Documentation
            Mechanics' Liens
            Title Insurance

When Things Go Terribly Wrong

Regardless of the approach which an individual may take to living, whether it is always exercising great care and caution or being laid back and not giving a care, there may be an occasion when things go terribly wrong both legally and financially.  In these circumstances, having a legal and financial advisor who can work through all the complex competing and conflicting issues will hasten the return to a more normal and rational life.


John Onesto is a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with a double major in accounting and finance.  He received his law degree from The Ohio State University College of Law.

He has practiced law and accounting for over three decades.